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Our Church Story

Hope's faith tradition is based on a life-transforming story. Hope and ELCA's story is both ancient and timely. It's a story of a powerful and patient God who has boundless love for all people of the world, who brings justice for the oppressed. It's a story of Jesus Christ changing lives. It's a story that brings comfort and strength to people who today live in modern, often unsettling times. We are a church that shares a living, daring confidence in God's grace. Liberated by our faith we embrace you as a whole person - questions, complexities and all. Join us as we do God's work in Christ's name for the life of the world. Visit us and learn more about our beliefs - and become a part of our story.

Our Ministry

In our community of faith you will gather with people who look forward with joy to an everlasting future.  These are people of HOPE.
Our worship services feed people with the Gospel, the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Here you will find people who are EVANGELICAL.
This congregation remembers that they live in faith, by the grace of God, firmly rooted and grounded in the scriptures.  We are LUTHERAN.
Above all, we represent a group of people often called the Body of Christ.  We are a congregation of people.  We are called the CHURCH, a part of the great church of Christ’s people all over the world.
Please join us as we serve one another and reach out into our community to care for others in our life together in the name of Jesus Christ.

The pastorate


Pastor David Bradford who retired from St. Timothy's in 2015 is a leader who sets the example of what it is to be a good believer. Appointed by the Bishop as Interim Pastor and accepted by the Church Council, Pastor Bradford will shepherd the flock of Hope through the transition process to call a new pastor. He will work part-time but will be available to perform all ministerial services during the approximately one year call process. He will be helped in visitations to the sick and confined by the two deacons and the Stephen Ministers.
Pastor Dave was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has been married to his wife Phylis Bradford for almost 49 years. He has three children, seven grandchildren and three great-granddaughters.
Pastor Dave attended Eastern Baptist College (now Eastern University) where he received his B.A. and then attended seminary at Philadelphia Theological Lutheran Seminary where he obtained his Master of Divinity degree. He also attended Moravian Theological Seminary in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where he earned a Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Counseling. He is certified as a pastoral counselor (retired) by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.
After these schoolings he served in various ministries in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania for 15 years before moving to Florida. In Florida he served for two years as Director of Family Life Services for the Lutheran Ministries of Florida. He then served for seven years at Lutheran Church of our Savior in Tampa, Florida first as associate and then as senior pastor.
Pastor Dave then moved to Knoxville, Tennessee and served as pastor for Messiah Lutheran Church for eight years. He then returned to Florida and served as Pastor at St. Timothy Lutheran Church in Crystal River for 12 years before retirement. He served 47 years in active ministry and has now been retired for two years, but remains in ministry.
The consensus of Hope's Council when approving his appointment by the Bishop was that we were "blessed to be granted that our transition process is to be under the leadership of Pastor Dave."

About Our Beliefs

We are Lutheran, that is Christians who follow the teachings of Martin Luther:
1. We are saved by the grace of God alone - not by anything we do.

2. We accept the canonical Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as the inspired Word of God and the authoritative source and norm of its proclamation, faith, and life. We see validity in various scholarly methods of analysis to help in understanding the Bible

3. We practice open communion, permitting all baptized persons to receive communion.

Our Constitution

Daily Reflection

Service Times & Directions

Sunday Services

Spoken Holy Communion: 8:00 am

Sung Holy Communion: 10:00 am

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